Reixa Sanchez

Reixa has been doing hair since she was a little girl. Belle’s updo from the original Beauty and the Beast inspired her to start playing with hair. From there she learned how to braid at the age of 5.

As she got older she became more passionate about hair. Started cutting her baby sister’s hair, box dying, and doing braids and twist on relative’s hair at 11 years old. Relatives knew right away she would be the family hair stylist. There would be times when she would be told “being a hairstylist is not a real job” but went with her gut and studied cosmetology in the Bay Area and moved to San Diego where she continued to follow her dreams.

Reixa’s specialties are Balayage, Foilage, and babylights. Her favorite thing about doing hair is definitely seeing her client’s reaction and how confident they feel after each service. To her, it’s all about getting her client’s to feel beautiful inside and out!